NatureMind-ED is an initiative in­spiring environmental connection, social and cultural sustainability to improve human health and nurture our planet’s resilience. We are passionate about shaping a new world through human connections and art, strengthening our love for nature and showcase life’s beauty, unfathomable diversity, and unlimited potential. We build networks, design a la carte activities or longer programs in a valuable and creative way to in­spire people and build a more resilient world!We focus on sharing knowledge and experience through

  • Nature-based experiential learning and outdoor leadership programs for schools, families and more
  • Education for sustainability curriculum development working with froward thinking schools interested in transformative learning
  • Sustainable solutions for businesses for professionals interested in developing sustainable operations for lasting benefits

In our programs, we also integrate elements of wellness and self-development practices in collaboration with BlissTribes. This collaboration started to form the realization that healthy, conscious individuals are better able to make choices inclusive of environmental and social concerns. Our programs therefore carefully integrate MINDFULNESS, MOVEMENT,and NATURE as mutually reinforcing cross-the­matic experiences and learning catalysts.