We offer unique transformative learning opportunities for children 7 to 13 years old (we can also accommodate other age groups upon request), focusing on mindful adventures in amazing natural areas

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Climbing Itinerary


Day 1 | Rock Climbing

DAY 1 – Monday, 23 November

Mindful Movement Rock Climbing

9:00am Registration

9:30-10:00am Team building games/introduction to day’s theme

10:00-12:00am Mindful movement rock climbing 1

We offer a “mindful” introduction to rock climbing and slack-lining. Belaying techniques, knot tying safety and communication procedures will be taught. Besides agility, balance and strength, rock climbing involves focus, concentration and self-discipline, the capacity to calm down in stressful situations and a strong mind. These are important attributes transferable into everyday life and will be highlighted during the practice.

12:00-1pm Lunch @ Spirit Mountain

1pm-3pm Mindful movement rock climbing 2
Continuing our discovery of rock climbing and its subtleties!

3-3:30pm Cool down time | healthy snacks + debrief


Day 2 | Orienteering

DAY 2 – Tuesday, 24 November


9:30-10:00am Team building games/introduction to day’s theme

Creative Mapping and orientation basics, fun compass use learning (per age groups)

12:00-1pm Lunch @ Spirit Mountain


Applying the lessons learnt in the morning to use a map to solve orientation challenges and continue learning playfully as the clues are found and problem resolved collaboratively

3-3:30pm Cool down time | healthy snacks + debrief


Day 3 | Phranang

DAY 3 – Wednesday, 25 November

Phranang Experience (climbing)

Morning (9am) We will go through the majestic caves of Thaiwand wall – providing some of the world’s most stunning views. It involves climbing up bamboo ladders to the entrance of the giant cave from which we will explore incredible hidden view points and hike through its network of tunnels (involves climbing up ladders) to the exit on the other side of the mountain. There we have no choice but to abseil down to the landplatform 15m below where we can do additional climbs with astonishing views. We will then hike down to Railay beach.

Lunch on the beach/mountain

Afternoon beach time and swimming (return approx 3:30pm)


Day 4 | Mountain Biking & Camping

Day 4 – Thursday, 26 November

Mountain Biking & Camp

9:30-10:00am Team building games/introduction to day’s theme

10:00-12:00am MOUNTAIN BIKING
We start our bike ride through the countryside, exploring jungle covered limestone karst landscapes, palm and rubber plantations, local villages on flat terrain and mostly paved tiny roads that will lead us to the beautiful emerald Khlong Nam sai. The entire ride is about 10kms (5km back and forth).

12:00-1pm Picnic lunch

Collecting items from nature to create our totems, symbols of our camp memories.

3-3:30pm Cool down time | healthy snacks + debrief

Camping ground preparation and cleaning, wood collection, “primitive” fire starting competition, best camp
setting awards, campfire place,

6pm Dinner

6-9:00pm Camp fire, story telling and music, overnight camping


Day 5 | Climb & Swim

DAY 5 – Friday, 27 November

Climb & Swim

8:00-10:00am Breakfast & Easy morning, Camp clean up

10:00-12:00am ROCK CLIMBING
The last climbing session of the camp will be a gentle
one after our camping night. Fun climbing, revisiting
what we learnt and creating more fun memories.

12:00-1pm lunch @ Spirit Mountain

After all the learning and adventures, we deserve a rest and a fun refreshing afternoon at the local swimming spot!

3-3:30pm Closing ceremony

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