We collaborate with various international and local institutions, NGOs and individuals towards building resilient social-ecological systems. Ongoing projects specifically target costal and marine ecosystems but also include terrestrial forest ecosystems with effort towards monitoring and restoring degraded habitats.  We use the restoration sites as classrooms for hands-on learning and awareness building.

The conservation projects we lead are community-based and transdisciplinary. As such community engagement, transformative learning and participatory processes are central tenets of our project implementation contributing to project outcome sustainability.

Our research portfolio include four mutually reinforcing projects which together articulate the following objectives:

  1. co-design conservation areas or restoration sites, depending of the project specifics focus (forest, mangroves, seagrass or coral) in    collaboration with local stakeholders and governmental organizations
  2. build technical capacity towards resource monitoring, data collection and data analysis
  3. co-develop teachers manual and experiential learning curriculum for schools
  4. develop a high quality Eco-guide training program on the basis of the projects specific focuses  with certification delivered by the Tourism Authority of Thailand

The details, specific objectives and related activities of each project are described below