We offer ACADEMIC and NON-ACADEMIC quality courses 

ACADEMIC courses. NatureMind-ED lead or collaborate with various institutions internationally to produce university courses for study-abroad students.These courses are accredited by the partner institutions, which means that upon successful completion of the course students obtain university credits that they can use towards their current university degree.  

  1. We work with TEAN to offer the following two course as part of their study abroad program:

Environmental Conservation in Southeast Asia

Holistic Health and Wellness in Southeast Asia

2. We work with Laurentian University through the Ontario University Field Program (OUFP) to offer the following bachelor level course:

Tropical Forest Ecology & Conservation in Northern Thailand

NON-ACADEMIC courses. These courses are delivering professional-level knowledge and skills; some of them involve certification by an international organization or professional association (e.g. PADI, YOGA Alliance, etc.)