Eco-Adventure Camp | Fall 2021

October 18th to 22th, 2021



In line with NatureMind-ED’s vision of connecting children and nature we offer an immersive 5-days experience combining awesome mindfulness-focused adventures, experiential nature learning and fun emulation with similarly mind kids from all over Thailand.


1 – we offer a “KIDS CAMP” for children 5 to 15 years old (SEE KIDS CAMP PROGRAM)

2 – we offer “PARENTS” time to relax and discover the region with an optional, a la carte eco-adventure program (SEE PARENT ITINERARY)


Monday 19th to Saturday 24th October, @ Spirit Mountain, Chong Pli, Krabi

Full week attendance (5 days, 1 night): 5900THB per kid | 4720THB for siblings (20% discount)

Daily attendance: 1075THB per day per kid | 860THB per sibling per day



Each day starts at 9:30 with brief team building games and introduction to the day’s theme. 

The daily activities are done over two sessions of two hours with lunch break in between. Each day ends at 15:30 after a healthy snack, except on Friday, the last day of camp, which will continue through the evening with activities around the camp fire and overnight camping. 

Each theme (see specific itinerary below) complement each other with regards to the skills cultivated and experiences crafted towards achieving the following goals:

• Developing a sense of awe for the Nature

• Developing system thinking skills and a more holistic mind

• Strengthening observation skills

• Developing a sense of trust, leadership, self-confidence

• Increasing fitness, balance, core and agility

• Cultivating mindfulness

• Enhancing collaborative skills and capacity to engage

• Enjoy a fun and memorable fall break experience

Itinerary | Costs & Logistic | Accommodation & Meals | What to bring?


Our programs carefully integrate MINDFULNESS, MOVEMENT and NATURE as mutually reinforcing cross-thematic experiences and learning catalysts. 


MINDFULNESS - Everyday we integrate a mindfulness-based practice before, after or during our activities. Mindfulness contributes to a greater sense of clarity with regard to one’s values, hence cultivating learning outcomes true to one-self and therefore having lasting beneficial impact. 

NATURE – Nature helps strengthen mindfulness benefits (hence learning outcomes) and in turn Nature awareness is  enhanced by mindfulness-based practices. We design activities that enable a profound experience of nature in a we-inspiring scenery to cultivate a sense of connection, which can grow into stronger environmental ethics and more sustainable behaviors.

MOVEMENT - Besides its obvious muscular and cardiovascular benefits, complex active movement is a catalyst for brain development and healthy bodily functions. When associated with mindfulness it can also help be in a Flowstate, the infusion of awareness and action, with its derived benefits.


We thrive in offering experiences and providing knowledge that are transferable to everyday life situations. Our activities involve experiencing unique people and incredible natural places through transformative activities ranging from outdoor leadership sessions, community services, nature awareness, sustainability education, mind-body practices and worldschooling workshops. Below are additional characters cultivated during our programs.


Registration is made by filling out our Registration Form. Alternatively you can email or Once a registration form or email is received we will provide the payment information. Payment can be made via bank transfer and paypal.