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On top of the inclusions of the Spirit Mountain Community Pass (for inclusions please see our Program Content page) we also have a jam packed optional daily itinerary focused on nature, movement, mindfulness, fun, cultural immersion, and most importantly, connecting with other worldschooling families.

The below activities (unless otherwise stated as included in the Spirit Mountain Community Pass) are optional and paid for separately to the Spirit Mountain Community Pass (children 2 and under are free).

NB: If you are not booking the complete package with us (with a 10% discount) please let us know ASAP which activities you would like to book for your family as we expect the daily activities to be booked out by the time the gathering commences. We will then invoice you to secure your places. Families who are not participating in a daily activity have the option to do their own thing, or catch-up with other families who have also chosen to not participate in that day’s activity.

*All prices are in THB – estimates in USD, given as rough guides only, are highly variable depending on the current exchange rate

WEEK 1 – March 5 to 11, 2020

DAY 1 – March 5

Tai Chi/ Qi Gong 700THB ($25), Kids Club 350THB ($12) per child

Afternoon: Sunset on the beach. Tai Chi/ Qi Gong for parents & older children, and Kids Club (stone balancing on the beach) for younger children. “The Art of Moving Meditation”. Part martial art, part exercise method and part meditation, TaiChi is the leading mind/body health practice of China. Characterized by slow, smooth and continuous movements, Tai Chi integrates the 5 building blocks of Eastern healing arts: body, mind,breath, energy and spirit while in flowing motion.

DAY 2 – March 6

Mindful Movement & Rock Climbing – 1200THB ($40) per adult; 850THB ($28) per child

Includes: gear rental, qualified instructor (ration 1 instructor for 5 participants), insurance and snacks.

Morning. We will spend the morning in our favorite mountain garden, nearby a beautiful inland karst – Spirit Mountain. You will experience a “mindful” introduction to rock climbing and slack-lining. Belaying techniques, knot tying safety and communication procedures will be taught. Besides agility, balance and strength, rock climbing involves focus, concentration and self-discipline, the capacity to calm down in stressful situations and a strong mind. These are important attributes transferable into everyday life and will be highlighted during the practice. This activity’s modalities can be adapted to all age groups. Short Taiji/Qi gong sessions and slack lining prior to rock climbing will be used as a mind-body preparation for kids and parents alike.

Temple Opening Ceremony & Community Welcome Dinner & Activities – included in the Community Pass

Afternoon/ evening. Late afternoon, we will head to a local Buddhist Temple for our gathering opening ceremony. We will then head to the beach to celebrate our first sunset together with fun games for the children. When we are ready we will enjoy our community welcome dinner.

DAY 3 – March 7

Marine Conservation – 1900THB ($65) per adult; 1600THB ($55) per child

Includes: free diving workshop, marine ecology workshop, snorkeling gear rental, longtail boat, inland transportation, marine biologist, lunch, National Park fees and tour leader.

Morning. Slow pace morning, meeting before lunch at Spirit Mountain for a brief introduction to reef ecology & marine conservation as well as a breathing free-diving workshop. 

Lunch at Spirit Mountain.

Afternoon. Island exploration and snorkelling/ free diving. Onboard our long tail boat we head towards the local islands where we will explore the underwater world and learn about marine flora and fauna and experiment with free diving.

Evening. Dinner on the beach (pay yourselves) for sunset & bioluminescent plankton swimming experience on the way back!

Day 4 – March 8

Free Day/ Beach Day/ OR Climbing at Spirit Mountain – 1200THB ($40) per adult; 850THB ($28) per child)

Today is a free day for families to connect with each other at Spirit Mountain, have a rest day, go to the beach, or book in for rock climbing at Spirit Mountain.

DAY 5 – March 9

Permaculture, Natural Building, Livelihoods (for parents and children) – 900THB ($30) per adult, 600THB ($20) per child

Includes: transportation, local guide, local livelihood experience (2h), tour leader and snacks.


For those curious of local livelihoods we will organize a tour with a local leader who will showcase community living including workshops on rubber tapping, palm fruits harvesting, coconut milk production etc. You will learn the significance of these practices for local communities and reflect on the global vs local perceptions associated with palm oil production for example.

Sustainable Living Workshop – Included in the Community Pass

Afternoon: Sustainable Living workshop with Pierre will be held while enjoying cool drinks and great vibes, and activities will be arranged for the children with Kids Club – included in the Community Pass.

DAY 6 – March 10

Kayak Mangroves – 1500THB ($50) per adult; 1000THB ($30) per child

Includes: kayak rental, transportation, educational material, marine biologist, lunch, National Park fees and tour leader.

Morning.  Our biology guide leads you through your Kayak exploration of the mangrove (approx. 2h). The mangrove is embedded in an intricate network of lime-stone canyons and towering karsts. Through the journey we will comment on the processes underlying the karst formation in the region and discuss the ecological characteristics of the mangroves, including commenting on the current ecological restoration and research projects that are taking place as well as discussing the significance of the mangrove for local culture. Several pauses will allow you to experience and learn playfully about this incredible ecosystem. 

At lunchtime you will return to the pier and enjoy a meal overlooking the emerald river and surrounding mangrove from the terrace of a stilted restaurant. 

Afternoon: Natural pool swimming and relaxing (included in the above fee).

DAY 7 – March 11

River swimming with locals 900THB ($30) per adult, 600THB ($20) per child

Morning: after a leisurely morning at Spirit Mountain we will head to a river to swim with the local people. After swimming we will enjoy a casual lunch by the lake.

Sound & Energy Healing Session – Included in the Community Pass

Afternoon: Sounds & Energy Healing session with Gali, for parents.

A Sound Bath (or Sound Meditation) is a meditative event, intentionally using sound to invite therapeutic or restorative effects. A gentle yet powerful experience for the mind and body. The experience begins with each person lying down or seated in a comfortable position. After a few minutes of guided meditation and breathing, the remainder of the experience is filled with different sounds and frequencies being introduced in succession. The sounds are created by a variety of overtone-emitting Tibetan singing bowls (7 different frequencies), chimes, voice and native american flute. Aromatherapy is used during the session providing additional benefits.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force” energy flows through us and is what allows us to be/feel alive. If one’s life force energy is low then we are more likely to become sick or feel stressed and if it is high we are more capable of being happy and healthy. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotion, mind and spirit. During the retreat, the Reiki workshops will introduce the most important concepts and practices of Reiki providing a solid foundation to engage with Reiki more deeply if desired.

Afternoon: for children: Kids Club, nature sharing for children at spirit Mountain – included in Community Pass.

WEEK 2 – March 12 to 19, 2020

DAY 8 & 9 – March 12 & 13

Kho Klang Trip 2 Day/ 1 Night Trip – 3600THB ($120) per adult; 2900THB ($80) per child

* This trip requires registration & payment well in advance.

Includes: inland transportation, boat transfer, accommodation (1night), batik instruction, mangrove restoration experience, guides, facilitators, contribution to projects and food.

DAY 8 – March 12

Morning. We embark on a 2 days community service mini trip to the lovely, traditional and welcoming Kho Klang, a quick longtail boat ride across the river.

We start the day on Kho Klang with a hands on Batik workshop. We will be learning and practicing the ancient art of Batik. We will visit a Batik making shop that uses traditional methods. Metal design blocks are dipped into hot wax and pressed onto the cloth. As they cool off, different colours are added into different areas of the design having a wax fencing – so that colour from one area doesn’t mingle into the colour from another area. Eventually, the textile goes through five different phases of wash in different chemicals so that the dyes won’t fast. The wax melts off, leaving behind a maze of wonder.

Once we have finished our Batik workshop we will go to meet our hosts, at our homestays, with local families that will help us discover the local charms and traditions.

Lunch at the homestay.

Afternoon: After lunch at our homestays, the afternoon will then be spent participating in the Mangrove restoration project led by local NGOs and supported by the Mangrove Action Project (MAP). There we will contribute to Community-Based Ecological Mangrove Restoration (CBEMR) that contributes to provide better ecological foundation to understand and manage the ecosystem sustainably. Activity will include collecting and planting mangrove trees and engaging with local communities supporting them in their initiative to protect both their identity and local environment upon which they derive their unique livelihood.

Evening. We will enjoy our 2nd community dinner with our hosts and reflect on today’s experiences. Overnight at the homestays.

Day 9 – March 13

Morning. After breakfast at our homestays we will visit a local school to engage with children. There we will listen to what they have to tell us about their lives and passions. By doing so they will practice their English with the help of their teachers. Our kids will then share their vision about conserving the environment and their travels playfully.

Lunch time: we will enjoy local dishes.

Afternoon.  After lunch then we return to Spirit Mountain via a boat ride through the mangrove toward the caves of Kanabnam.

DAY 10 – March 14

Yoga 500THB ($15), Kids Club 350THB ($12), Whole Life Unschooling Workshop (Included in the Community Pass)

Morning: We will offer a Yoga session for parents with Kids Club for the children.

Afternoon. Whole Life Unschooling workshop with Alice – will be held while enjoying cool drinks and great vibes. Kids Club activities arranged for the children (included in the Community Pass)

Evening: Night market (transport and food not included)

DAY 11 – March 15

Phra Nang Experience – 1600THB ($50) per adult; 1200THB ($30) per child*

Includes: inland transportation, boat transfer, climbing gear rental, climbing instructor, tour leader, snacks and insurance. Note that lunch is easier to manage on your own at the boat food stalls.

* The Cave climb & abseil is suitable for children 7yrs old and up. For younger children it will be at the discretion of the instructor following discussion with the parents.

Full Day Adventure. Beach time, swimming and exploration of the majestic Phra Nang peninsula (Phra Nang beach/Railay beach). We start with a slack lining mind-body warm up session, then invite you to a rock climbing workshop suitable to all ages. Those not wanting to participate, can chill out on the beach, swim and/or watch. We will then enjoy our lunch (arranged by yourself at the food boats) on the beach under the shade of the Pandanus trees.

After lunch we will go through the majestic caves of Thaiwandwall – providing some of the world’s most stunning views. It involves climbing up bamboo ladders to the entrance of the giant cave from which we will explore incredible hidden viewpoints and hike through its network of tunnels (involved climbing up ladders) to the exit on the other side of the mountain. There we have no choice but to abseil down to the land platform 15m below where we can do additional climbs with astonishing views. We will then hike down to Railay beach and return to Spirit Mountain by boat & tuk tuk.

DAY 12 – March 16

Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition Workshop 1000THB ($35) per adult, Kids Club 350THB ($12) per child

Morning: for parents, we will introduce you to juicing principles and on the importance of providing your body with living cell material to feed your own living cells. You will learn the value of a plant-based diet and eating close to the garden and experience the making of your own juices through hands-on instruction: juice recipes will be created and your creation will be consumed during this session.

Morning: for children, Kids Club.

Free Afternoon/ Beach/ OR Climbing at Spirit Mountain – 1200THB ($40) per adult; 850THB ($28) per child)

Afternoon: Free afternoon for families to connect with each other at Spirit Mountain, have a rest day, go to the beach, or book in for rock climbing at Spirit Mountain.

DAY 13 – March 17

Hike & Bird Watching, Emerald Pool or Waterfalls 1390THB ($45) per adult, 790THB ($25) per child

Morning: After breakfast we will head out for an easy hike and practice our skills in bird watching.


Afternoon: We will visit the Emerald Pool/hot spring OR Huey Toe Waterfalls in Khao Panom Bencha National Park and hike a short trail continuing our exploration of natural tropical systems and swim for a refreshing pause.

DAY 14 – March 18

Tiger Temple 750THB ($25) per adult, 500THB ($16) per child, Free Afternoon/ Beach Day/ Rock Climbing – 1200THB ($40) per adult; 850THB ($28) per child

Morning: 4.45am departure for the Tiger Temple to view at sunrise.

Afternoon: Free afternoon for families to connect with each other at Spirit Mountain, have a rest day, go to the beach, or book in for rock climbing at Spirit Mountain.

DAY 15 – March 19

Nature Therapy Workshop 600THB ($20) per adult, 400THB ($13) per child

Morning: Nature therapy workshop for parents and children. This activity combines the benefits of a moderate physical activity (a hike) to a sensory stimulation through meditative pauses inviting the return to oneself in calmness, benevolence and in all conscience. This activity is based on the Japanese approach Shinrin-Yoku and on the recent development of “nature therapy” in the United States, which highlight the benefits of a “bath of forest” on the physical and physiological health (immunity, blood pressure etc.) and well-being (reduction of stress and anxiety, relaxation, serenity, concentration etc.).

Afternoon & Evening: Farewell community dinner & ecstatic dance around a sacred fire with a closing ceremony and party (included in the Spirit Mountain Community Pass).

Ecstatic dance is a free form movement where we allow our bodies to express without guidance. It is considered a moving meditation practice that merges inner with outer worlds. It encourages and celebrates the connection between body and spirit. Ecstatic dance is a place to drop out judging yourself and others and escape from any performative tendencies. It is designed to gently unhinge yourself from ego and any stories you may have about being present with your own energy. It is also about discovering physical expression that does not originate from intellect movement, which may help freeing patterns and limitations in your body, mind and emotional landscape.

Costs of the Gathering

Total Costs for the Gathering (before 10% discount if not booking the Complete Package):

  • 15 nights Fan Bungalow at Spirit Mountain $375
  • 15 nights AC Bungalow at Spirit Mountain $600
  • 14 Breakfast at Spirit Mountain Adult & children 11 & up $84
  • 14 Breakfast at Spirit Mountain Children 5 to 10 $56
  • Breakfast at Spirit Mountain Children 4 & under free
  • Spirit Mountain Community Pass Adult $200
  • Spirit Mountain Community Pass Child $180
  • Daily Activities Adult $550
  • Daily Activities Child $353

NB: Daily Activities total does not include the free day & afternoon Climbing at Spirit Mountain

Complete Package for the Gathering with 10% discount:

  • 15 nights Fan Bungalow at Spirit Mountain $337.50
  • 15 nights AC Bungalow at Spirit Mountain $540
  • 14 Breakfast at Spirit Mountain Adult & children 11 & up $75.60
  • 14 Breakfast at Spirit Mountain Children 5 to 10 $50.40
  • Breakfast at Spirit Mountain Children 4 & under free
  • Spirit Mountain Community Pass Adult $180
  • Spirit Mountain Community Pass Child $162
  • Daily Activities Adult $495
  • Daily Activities Child $317.70

NB: Daily Activities total does not include the free day & afternoon Climbing at Spirit Mountain

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We offer a series of mind-body practices as well as mindful nutrition and exercises for health and wellbeing ideal for on demand resiliency and stress-reduction:


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Enthusiasm, Attention, Experience and Reflection
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Flow, balance, strength, flexibility, proprioception
We offer mindful movement practices through outdoor adventure, rock climbing and slack lining for children to improve their flexibility, balance and general strength, capacity to focus and remain calm looking at solutions not at problems in challenging situations, all important elements in day-to-day tasks for younger kids and especially toddlers.

Creativity, Self Expression, Coordination, Dexterity

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