The gathering is for 3 weeks and you are welcome to come and go as you please within the gathering dates. For those of you who haven’t traveled for long periods of time we’ve prepared this list in case you might need some assistance with deciding what you should pack. Keep in mind it is always preferable to travel light, that it will not get cold in Thailand (except in planes and minivans!) and that laundry will be available. You will be able to purchase replacement shampoos, lotions etc. during the trip, so there is no need to haul around ‘family size’ bottles of anything.

Remember the list below is a suggested list! Feel free to modify, based on your own needs:

Swimming suit, long sleeves lycra, shorts, dresses (avoid miniskirts and shorts), light shirts that cover shoulders, hat, sun-glasses, long sleeve light jacket, sandals, light hiking shoes, reusable (compactable) grocery shopping bag.

Natural soap, shampoo & conditioner, ocean friendly sunscreen lotion (sunscreens that contain oxybenzone and octinoxate are harmful to coral reefs), insect repellent, travel towel, electronics, headlamp, small flashlight, camera, laptop computer, mp3 player/iPod.

Copy of passport, water bottle, day pack, sunglasses, tiny first aid kit, laundry bag, small padlock, ATM card, small journal or notepad and pens, musical instrument, sketch book, binoculars, dive mask, refillable water bottle, personal bamboo /metal straw.

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