Worldschooling in Southern Thailand : an Eco-Adventure Family Gathering



Experience Southern Thailand Nature and People

Our worldschooling eco-adventure 10 Days gathering is a temporary community of similarly minded families sharing and exploring together approaches to learning, emancipation, sustainable living, experiencing the magic of nature and how to guide and support future contributors to a more resilient planet. By joining our gathering you join our community. As such, the Spirit Mountain Community Pass ($220 per adult, and $160 per child, with children 3 and under free) unlocks access to our community, our community gathering site (Spirit Mountain), as well as 3 community dinners (including welcome & farewell), as well as include 3 unique facilitated workshops. A Kids Club will run alongside the workshops so that parents can attend child free

The community pass provides the foundations for your participation. On top of the community pass, participant can add daily activities as described in the itinerary. We have prepared a well balanced mix of environmental education and sustainable living experiences, outdoor leadership activities and cultural immersion together with a touch of self-development practices throughout the gathering. All daily activities are optional, and paid independently and separately to the Spirit Mountain Community Pass. We encourage every participant to book activities well in advance. More info here

We have 6 bungalows available on site at Spirit Mountain. For help with accommodation bookings, please visit our accommodation page or contact us at

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While everything is highly adaptable and optional, we plan to have a progressive immersion into:

  1. The role of nature, mindfulness and movement/adventure for transformative learning: focusing on building confidence, outdoor leadership, nature awareness, mindfulness, and self-discipline among other character traits.
  2. Experiential nature education and cultural immersion: Krabi is rich in natural and cultural capital which we will explore hands-on focusing on community service, community-based natural resources conservation, permaculture and sustainable living workshops.
  3. Unschooling/worldschooling workshops: the activities we propose, the people we will meet and the memories we will create provide a context for sharing parenting experiences during facilitated workshops.
  4. Reflections: towards the end of the retreat we focus on self reflection through nature therapy, energy healing and sound healing as a medium enabling a deeper, gentle de-briefing and life realignment.

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Our programs carefully integrate MINDFULNESS, MOVEMENT and NATURE as mutually reinforcing cross-thematic experiences and learning catalysts. 


MINDFULNESS - Everyday we integrate a mindfulness-based practice before, after or during our activities. Mindfulness contributes to a greater sense of clarity with regard to one’s values, hence cultivating learning outcomes true to one-self and therefore having lasting beneficial impact. 

NATURE – Nature helps strengthen mindfulness benefits (hence learning outcomes) and in turn Nature awareness is  enhanced by mindfulness-based practices. We design activities that enable a profound experience of nature in a we-inspiring scenery to cultivate a sense of connection, which can grow into stronger environmental ethics and more sustainable behaviors.

MOVEMENT - Besides its obvious muscular and cardiovascular benefits, complex active movement is a catalyst for brain development and healthy bodily functions. When associated with mindfulness it can also help be in a Flowstate, the infusion of awareness and action, with its derived benefits.


We thrive in offering experiences and providing knowledge that are transferable to everyday life situations. Our activities involve experiencing unique people and incredible natural places through transformative activities ranging from outdoor leadership sessions, community services, nature awareness, sustainability education, mind-body practices and worldschooling workshops. Below are additional characters cultivated during our programs.


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Registration is made by filling out our Registration Form. Alternatively you can email Once a registration form or email is received we will provide the payment information. Payment can be made via bank transfer and paypal.

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