Learning Experiences

We believe that transformation goes beyond traditional education, while it is essential for acquiring necessary knowledge, it often limits creativity and unconventional thinking, stifling our potential. This can hinder society’s ability to innovate by homogenising perspectives and values.

By partnering with experts to provide experiential events, courses, retreats, and workshops. Our goal is to unleash creativity and unconventional thinking.

Our unique programs combine Ecology, Permaculture & Sustainability, Adventure & Outdoor Leadership, and Wellness & Self-development. By blending these themes, we create transformative experiences. Grounded individuals respond positively to nature-based activities, while memorable adventures activate emotional engagement in learning.

Summer camps & Educational trips

Specific or custom-designed multi-days adventure and conservation camps.  

Worldschooling Family Gatherings

A specific type of learning experience and exchange forum mostly devoted to the “worldschooling” families network.

A la carte experiences

Half-day or day-long stand alone experiences for interested individuals, families or groups: these are mostly teasers of longer experiential programs.

Retreats & Team building

Focusing on wellness and self-development through a diverse selection of practices, we provide hosting facilities for professionals or design our own retreats in collaboration with BlissTribes

Courses & workshops

Mostly designed for University students, minimum of 2 weeks long program with academic objectives in collaboration with academic institutions 

Volunteering programs

We offer adapted volunteering programs, mostly in relation to our research and conservation projects, which individuals or families could join for an agreed amount of time.