Currently, the earth system is being overwhelmed by an increasing amount of anthropogenic pressures resulting from large scale population migrations, globalization of economies and goods shipments all over the world only limited by market oriented rules dissociated from ecological systems rhythms and patterns. The global environmental change currently underway can nevertheless be mitigated by local initiatives that limits its reliance on international trade, for instance with food being produced locally.

Tourism infrastructures such as resorts inherently induce international travel, but through conscious design and planning they can also contribute to global awareness. Permaculture acknowledges the interconnectedness of all things, through interactions, feedback loops and synergies. It embraces this complexity and approaches it from a system perspective and with a strong sense of ethics. Permaculture also encourages natural design; building upon what nature has created, supporting existing mechanisms and adaptively managing processes, not fighting against them. It builds upon circularity, nothing is lost, nothing is created, while everything is transformed and reused. It understands local realities, support local knowledges and innovate on this basis supporting community building through collaboration.

It follows that such local initiatives naturally considers that humans are part of this web of interconnections and indirectly highlight the importance of a deeper understanding of individuals fundamental connection to the whole – being part of the web of life. Once acknowledged and developed this sense of belonging translates into individual resiliency or wellness and naturally sharpens our empathy for community members and our natural environment then perceived as extensions of oneself. Therefore creating community-based permaculture gardens aligns with sustainability and building a resilient planet while setting up a more conscious communication strategy aiming at attracting mindful guests.

What we offer

We offer unique permaculture garden designs combining Ecology and Art. We bring in our experience in Ecosystem management and Ecology to define the right species associations, incorporate circularity components such as biogas and composing stations and use our natural building expertise mixing bamboo and earth constructions to embrace and embody the principles of impermanence, renewal and evolution.

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