PhraNang experience


Swim, Hike, Climb, Abseil and have lots of fun and awe inspiring experiences in pristine natural environments. Explore with us the mysteries of costal limestone karsts during this eco-minded adventure. FAMILY/KIDS (7years old and up) are welcome!



We head to the majestic Phra Nang peninsula where we will spend the day exploring. We will start the day with a guided mindfulness session (either slack lining or taichi/Qi gong depending on feasibility). We then hike up (10min) towards the entrance of the Phra nang cave that we will explore. Prior to this exploration we will experiment with our first climbs. Then we will start our exploration of the cave. There will be a series of bamboo ladders that will get us through the mountain to a spectacular view-point about 50m above sea level. There we will abseil down to a wide ridge about 15m below where we will have the opportunity to climb easy routes while having an amazing view far from the crowds. During this experience we shall discuss the geological processes responsible for limestone formations and coastal ecology and emphasize the benefits of outdoor rock climbing in relation to health and well-being. 

Additional information

What to bring

• Refillable Water bottle
• Sportwear and running shoes or sandals
• Mosquito repellent


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