25th November – 15th December 2019

About the Retreat

Our Worldschooling eco-adventure retreat has rich, exciting and meaningful daily activities. We prepared a well balanced mix of Environmental education and sustainable living experiences, outdoor leadership activities, cultural immersion together with a touch of self-development practices throughout the retreat. While everything is highly adaptable we plan to have a progressive immersion into:

  1. The role of nature, mindfulness and movement/adventure for transformative learning focusing on building confidence, outdoor leadership, nature awareness, mindfulness,self-discipline among other character traits.
  2. Experiential nature education and cultural immersion. Krabi is rich in natural and cultural capital which we will explore hands-on focusing on community service, community-based natural resources conservation, permaculture and sustainable living workshops.
  3. Unschooling/worldschooling workshops. The activities we propose, the people we will meet and the memories we will create provide a context for sharing parenting experiences during facilitated workshops.
  4. Reflections. Towards the end of the retreat we focus on self reflection through nature therapy, energy healing and sound healing as a medium enabling a deeper, gentle debriefing and life realignment

Our Approach

We thrive in offering experiences and providing knowledge that are transferable to everyday life situations. Our activities involve experiencing unique people and incredible natural places through transformative activities ranging from outdoor leadership sessions, community services, nature awareness, sustainability education, mind-body practices and worldschooling workshops. Below are additional characters cultivated during our programs.