Transformation comes with awe-inspiring experiential learning events not with just chalk and talk “education”. Education often refers to the needed assimilation of a selection of knowledge components (articulated within a curriculum) that is deemed essential for individual to become capable citizens. This mode of individual formatting (when bluntly implemented) often comes at the expense of individual’s creative potential and capacity to think, act and thrive outside established societal standards. Indeed this has detrimental implications as it reduces the creative solution space and innovation potential at societal level through homogenization of perspectives, values and know hows.

With our partners we work towards balancing conventional educational initiative and scholarship with learning experiences, courses, programs, retreats and workshops employing novel engagement modalities, experiential self-directed pedagogy and open co-learning approaches. We offer a range of transformative learning experiences:

  • A la carte experiences | Half-day or day-long stand alone experiences for interested individuals, families or groups: these are mostly teasers of longer experiential programs (see below)
  • Courses & workshops | mostly designed for University students, minimum of 2 weeks long program with academic objectives in collaboration with academic institutions 
  • Retreats & Team building | focusing on wellness and self-development through a diverse selection of practices, we provide hosting facilities for professionals or design our own retreats in collaboration with BlissTribes
  • Volunteering programswe offer adapted volunteering programs, mostly in relation to our research and conservation projects, which individuals or families could join for an agreed amount of time.
  • Worldschooling Family Gatherings | a specific type of learning experience and exchange forum mostly devoted to the “worldschooling” families network.

All our transformative learning experiences uniquely assemble bits and pieces of the following thematic areas

Ecology, Permaculture & Sustainability

Adventure & Outdoor Leadership

Wellness & Self-development

While conventionally these themes appear at a first glance to belong to markedly different service sectors and domains of interest, we believe that their combination into custom-designed programs, do contribute to the programs’ transformative potential. The rationale here is that grounded, mindful individuals (hence the wellness component) are more likely to respond positively to awe-inspiring nature-based activities and that memorable, adventurous and fun experience will be further activating emotional engagement into learning activities.  

Our experiences are facilitated by an interdisciplinary team of educators, experienced professionals and passionate individuals.