School Bespoke Programs

Experiential Outdoor Learning in krabi, thailand

School Bespoke Programs

Customised outdoor educational programs.

The program is designed to be immersive, prioritizing hands-on experiences. While there might be occasional elements of directed learning with educational objectives, the primary focus is on fostering life skills and shaping character development. 

Explore ecology, sustainability, mindfulness, adventure, resilliency and beyond with us. We collaborate with a variety of institutions and organizations to tailor learning experiences that meet their specific needs. Contact us now to customize your unique program.


Dive into immersive outdoor activities that unveil the marvels of biodiversity, ecology, and sustainability. Connect with nature, unraveling the secrets of ecosystems while embracing sustainable practices. It's more than just adventure, it's a journey of authentic discovery in one of the world's most captivating destinations - Krabi, Thailand.


At the core of our operations lies a strong commitment to risk management. Our trained facilitators who are equipped to navigate any challenge with expertise and care. We believe that a fun experience should never compromise safety. Therefore, we go above and beyond to ensure that every participant enjoys a secure and memorable journey with us.


We prioritize close collaboration with local communities to foster collective empowerment. Through mutual knowledge exchange, we learn from the communities we partner with as much as we share our expertise. This approach ensures that our efforts are grounded in real needs and aspirations, leading to the creation of stronger, more resilient communities together.


In a world of comfort and convenience, it's vital to intentionally introduce obstacles that push boundaries and nurture resilience. Encouraging overcoming percieved-risks, reframing failure as a learning opportunity, and fostering supportive communities are key. By embracing challenges as stepping stones to growth, we equip the next generation with the resilience they need to navigate life's uncertainties confidently.


We incorporate mindfulness practices into our activities, enhancing clarity in values and fostering impactful learning outcomes.


Nature-based experiences amplify mindfulness benefits and fostering stronger environmental ethics.


Active movement benefits physical health and brain development. Combine with mindfulness creates a holistic flow state.


Spirit mountain

Staying at Spirit mountain bungalows during your program for full immersion into nature right by the mountain. Though a lot of our activities take place in the Spirit mountain, accommodation choice is entirely yours to make.



We will make every effort to accommodate everyone’s diet restrictions including having vegetarian and gluten-free options. Please indicate any special needs on your application.


optional wellness experiences

Throughout your stay at Spirit Mountain, we offer optional wellness experiences (booked on demand). These include massage, yoga, Reiki, sound healing, nature therapy, Taichi, Qi gong, meditation and more.

packing essensials


Pack light! No need for bulky items. Laundry will be available, and replacements can be purchased during the trip. Check out the suggested list, but feel free to modify based on your needs.


Swimming suit, long sleeves lycra, shorts, dresses (avoid mini skirts and shorts), light shirts that cover shoulders, hat, sun- glasses, long sleeve light jacket, sandals, light hiking shoes, and reusable bag.

Personal items

Natural soap, shampoo & conditioner, reeve safe sunscreen, insect repellant, towel, electronics, headlamp, and small flashlight.


Copy of passport, laundry bag, small padlock, small journal or notepad and pens, musical instrument, sketch book, binoculars, dive mask, refillable water bottle, reusable straw.

Customise your unique program

Explore ecology, sustainability, mindfulness, adventure, and beyond with us.

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